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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment is to expand Penn State's capacity to pursue the newest frontiers in energy and environmental research by encouraging cooperation across disciplines and the participation of local, state, federal, and international stakeholders.

We are:

  • The central coordinating structure for energy and environmental research, education, and outreach at Penn State.
  • A dynamic, tightly coupled, intercampus network of expertise and infrastructure recognized worldwide as a seedbed of knowledge and ingenuity needed to deal with energy and environmental challenges.
  • A novel partnership between Penn State administration and faculty designed to increase the visibility and stature of Penn State programs in the energy and environmental arena.

We were conceived to empower faculty to develop and maintain strong competitive standing in the face of major shifts in energy and environmental research toward clear objectives that include improved quality of life, promotion of human health and safety, creation of sustainable economic vitality, and protection of national security.

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PSIEE's Three Main Charges

  1. An organization that facilitates research and teaching on a set of major themes of significant challenge and societal interest;
  2. A management structure that engages all of the major colleges involved in environmental research and teaching; and
  3. Promote and ensure interdisciplinary collaboration and coherent environmental programs across Penn State through new faculty hires, infrastructure development, and intellectual discourse.

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