• 21 Sep
    SHALE INSIGHT 2016 will provide participants a front-row seat for the most important discussions on shale development, featuring some of the most prominent industry and government leaders.
  • 04 Aug
    The world is undergoing an historic energy transition from traditional fossil fuels to more sustainable forms of energy affecting technology, the environment, economies, and geopolitics. This landscape affords unprecedented opportunities for collaborative scientific research to answer global challenges with innovative and competitive solutions.
  • 15 Nov

    As Europe becomes an ever-more globally interconnected energy region; continually opening up cross border gas trading markets and remaining at the forefront of both commercial and technological innovation, the European Autumn Gas Conference | EAGC is delighted to have selected The Hague, Netherlands – a city and nation that embodies all these elements – as Host City for its 31s

  • 22 Aug

    StormCon is the only North American event dedicated exclusively to stormwater and surface-water professionals across the continent: municipal stormwater and public works managers, industrial stormwater managers, engineering consultants, regulatory personnel, watershed management professionals, and others concerned with stormwater and surface-water quality.

  • 09 Oct

    IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016 at Brisbane, Queensland,