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Energy and environmental courses

Database contains more than 500 courses. Search by subject or department for energy- related or environmentally-related courses.

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Programs of Study

Penn State offers an extensive array of energy and environmental and enregy/environmentally—related majors and minors spanning a wealth of disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Energy-related and environmentally-related majors are found in numerous departments and schools across the University.

Undergraduate: Majors | Minors
Graduate: Programs and Minors

Find an Advisor

Use this tool to find faculty that match your interests. Search by name, research keywords, or department.

Career Planning Resources

Browse list of job board maintained by various Penn State departments and majors or browse career planning resources including career guides; volunteer, government, and internship opportunities; professional organization's employment resources; and other job bulletin boards.

Student Funding Resources

Links to open undergraduate and graduate funding opportunities from rfp database.

Or can browse list of funding resources including Penn State funding opportunities; government, private sources, and diversity scholarships; and general financial aid guides.

Current Student Spotlight

The student spotlight highlights the research of various students supported by the PSIEE.

Student Spotlight Archives

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Student Groups

Browse list of energy-related and environmentally-related student groups at Penn State including student councils; clubs; fratenities and sororities; interest houses; student chapters of professional societies; recreation groups; specialized field of study groups; and groups promoting diversity.

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