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Jenny TennessenJenny Tennessen - "Noise, noise, everywhere there’s noise!"
Graduate student studying ecological impacts of increased noise on animals
Sarah TzilkowskiSarah Tzilkowski - "Passionate about All Things Water"
Sarah Tzilkowski, a Ph.D. candidate in forest resources and CarbonEARTH fellowship awardee, is passionate about all things water.
Dan ConnerDan Conner - "Searching for Sustainable Solutions for Utilizing Wind Energy"
Dan Conner, a senior with a dual major in energy engineering and energy, business and finance, wants to meet engineering challenges in ways that are both environmentally sustainable and economically viable.
Emily DuncanEmily Duncan - "Modernizing Manure Management for a Cleaner Chesapeake"
The goal of Duncan’s research is to evaluate various manure application techniques and quantify the amount and fate of nitrogen going to crops, soil and water by each management method.
Jeff RaylJeff Rayl - "Good Day, Sunshine"
Sunshine. For most, it’s what makes a beautiful day. But for Jeff Rayl, the sun is the key to our energy future.
Monica ChristiansenMonica Christiansen - Modeling Wind Turbines
Some people think they interfere with the natural landscape and some people think they are too noisy.  But for Monica Christiansen, wind turbines are really cool.
Shawn Rummel Shawn Rummel: Where have all the trout gone?
The sun glinted off the slow-moving stream as it wound its way through a labyrinth of trees.  It was a beautiful April day, and the first day of trout season—but there was not a trout to be found.Professional anglers and amateur fisherman alike were puzzled, but Shawn Rummel wasn’t.
Jorge H. PinzónJorge Pinzón : Coral Sleuth
Jorge Pinzón always loved the ocean, but while playing with a hermit crab on a high school class trip to the beach he discovered his future career.
Matthew RydzikMatthew Rydzik: Tornado Chaser
Matthew Rydzik is trading in his computer for a tornado pod this summer to travel the country chasing tornados. “Most of the time hopefully we’re chasing it, but sometimes it ends up chasing us,” said Rydzik, who left for Boulder, Colorado at the end of April for his second summer in the study. 
Simanti BanerjeeSimanti Banerjee: Using Environmental Economics for Biodiversity Conservation
Banerjee is working with Dr. James Shortle, distinguished professor of agricultural and environmental economics, to develop a market-based policy instrument – essentially a government-funded auction – for biodiversity conservation.
Brett DiNataleBrett DiNatale: Researching novel solutions for treating breast cancer
Meet Brett DiNatale, a soft spoken Ph.D. candidate passionate about his research to discover a new targeted therapy for breast cancer – the leading form of cancer with the second highest incidence of cancer death in women in the U.S.
Clark Seipt Clark Seipt: Helping farmers, one climate forecast at a time
The times they are a-changin’ — and so is the climate. Luckily, for the farmers in the Pampas region of Argentina, where a distinct El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) signal has been shown to have a large effect on the area’s climate, these changing times have also been characterized by advances in climate science and modeling.

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