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The PSIEE collaborates with affiliated colleges to hire faculty in strategic research areas to leverage large-scale interdisciplinary research. Our current co-funded faculty are listed below.


58 faculty records
Faculty photo Charles Anderson
Assistant Professor of Biology
(814) 863-4736
Faculty photo Tom Baker
Distinguished Professor of Entomology
(814) 863-4435
Faculty photo Seth Blumsack
Associate Professor of Energy Policy and Economics
Ryan Faculty Fellow
(814) 863-7597
Faculty photo Elizabeth W. Boyer
PSIEE Assistant Director - Water Resources
Associate Professor of Water Resources
(814) 865-8830
Faculty photo Kathryn Brasier
Associate Professor of Rural Sociology
(814) 865-7321
Faculty photo Robert Brooks
Professor of Geography and Ecology
Director, Riparia
(814) 863-1596
Faculty photo Kirby Calvert
Assistant Professor of Geography
(814) 865-2493
Faculty photo Xun Cao
Assistant Professor of Political Science
(814) 865-8749
Faculty photo Ismaila Dabo
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
(814) 867-4886
Faculty photo Donald Davis
Professor of Plant Pathology
(814) 865-1689
Faculty photo Kenneth Davis
Professor of Meteorology
Director, Northeastern Regional Center, National Institute for Climatic Change Research of the US Department of Energy
(814) 863-8601
Faculty photo Chris Duffy
Professor of Civil Engineering
(814) 863-4384
Faculty photo Roman Engel-Herbert
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Mc Farlane Career Professor
(814) 867-4325
Faculty photo Miriam Freedman
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(814) 867-4267
Faculty photo James Freihaut
Professor of Architectural Engineering
(814) 863-0083
Faculty photo Heather Gall
Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Natural Resource Engineering
(814) 863-1817
Faculty photo Noel Chris Giebink
Assistant Profressor of Electrical Engineering
(814) 865-2229
Faculty photo Adam Glick
Associate Professor of Veterinary Science
(814) 865-7170
Faculty photo Christopher Gorski
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
(814) 865-5673
Faculty photo Ying Gu
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
(814) 867-3827
Faculty photo Michael Hickner
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Virginia S. and Phillip L. Walker, Jr. Faculty Fellow
(814) 867-1847
Faculty photo Peter Hudson
Director, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences
Willaman Professor of Biology
(814) 865-0522
Faculty photo Matthew Hurteau
Assistant Professor of Forest Resources
(814) 865-7554
Faculty photo Scott Isard
Professor of Aerobiology
(814) 865-6290
Faculty photo Michael Janik
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
John J. and Jean M. Brennan Clean Energy Early Career Professor
(814) 863-9366
Faculty photo Jason Kaye
Associate Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry
(814) 863-1614
Faculty photo Klaus Keller
Associate Professor of Geosciences
(814) 865-6718
Faculty photo Armen Kemanian
Assistant Professor of Production Systems and Modeling
(814) 863-9852
Faculty photo Douglas Kennett
Professor of Environmental Anthropology
(814) 865-2509
Faculty photo Manish Kumar
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
(814) 865-7519
Faculty photo Todd LaJeunesse
Associate Professor of Biology
(814) 863-2038
Faculty photo Ben Lear
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(814) 863-0889
Faculty photo Li Li
Assistant Professor, Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering
(814) 867-3547
Faculty photo Chiara Lo Prete
Assistant Professor of Energy Economics
(814) 865-0982
Faculty photo Bruce Logan
Evan Pugh and Kappe Professor of Environmental Engineering
Director, Engineering Energy and Environmental Institute
(814) 863-7908
Faculty photo Angela Lueking
Associate Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering and Chemical Engineering
(814) 863-6256
Faculty photo Jonathan Mathews
Associate Professor Energy and Mineral Engineering
(814) 863-6213
Faculty photo Lee Newsom
Associate Professor of Archaeological Anthropology
(814) 865-4346
Faculty photo Curtis Omiecinski
Professor of Veterinary Science
H. Thomas and Dorothy Willits Hallowell Chair
(814) 863-1625
Faculty photo Eric Post
Professor of Biology
(814) 865-1556
Faculty photo Sandeep Prabhu
Associate Professor of Immunology and Molecular Toxicology
(814) 863-8976
Faculty photo Jason Rasgon
Associate Professor of Entomology
(814) 863-3668
Faculty photo John (Jay) Regan
Professor of Environmental Engineering
(814) 865-9436
Faculty photo Tom Richard
Director, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment
Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
(814) 865-3722
Faculty photo Robert Rioux
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Friedrich G. Helfferich Assistant Professor
(814) 867-2503
Faculty photo Howard Salis
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Assistant Professor of Agriculture and Biological Engineering
(814) 865-1931
Faculty photo Sven Schmitz
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering
(814) 863-0778
Faculty photo Erica Smithwick
Associate Professor of Ecology
Director, LEAPS (Landscape Ecology at Penn State)
(814) 865-6693
Faculty photo Chunshan Song
Distinguished Professor of Fuel Science and Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director, EMS Energy Institute
(814) 863-4466
Faculty photo Stephen Treado
Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering
Director, Center for High Performance Building Systems
(814) 867-3323
Faculty photo Adri van Duin
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
(814) 863-6277
Faculty photo Randy L. Vander Wal
Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering
(814) 865-5813
Faculty photo Donghai Wang
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
(814) 863-1287
Faculty photo Mort Webster
Associate Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering
(814) 863-1640
Faculty photo Peter Wilf
Professor of Geosciences
John T. Ryan, Jr., Faculty Fellow
(814) 865-6721
Faculty photo Douglas Wrenn
Assistant Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics
(814) 865-9216
Faculty photo Jeff Yanosky
Assistant Professor, Division of Epidemiology
(717) 531-7178
Faculty photo Katherine Zipp
Assistant Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics
(814) 863-8247

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