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Sharon Falcone Miller

  • Assistant Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering
  • Senior Research Associate, EMS Energy Institute
  • 407 Academic Activities Building
  • University Park
  • Telephone: (814) 863-8893
  • E-mail:
  • Department Faculty Webpage

Research Focus

Research Summary

  • Research interests include stationary combustion systems (fixed-bed, pulverized and fluidized-bed) utilizing coal and biomass, coal and biomass conversion (pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction), air emission characterization (trace element), advanced evaluation and characterization of the inorganic component of fuels, and behavior of inorganic constituents in fuel utilization systems and their chemical and physical properties.

Research Keywords:

Active Research Projects:

  • BFB Biomass Fuels Characterization Testing at PSU/Energy Institute
  • Combustion and Emission Performance when Firing Coal/Biomass Blends
  • Research Boiler Testing
  • Tar Analysis Study

Completed Research Projects:

  • Effect of Catalysts on Coal Combustion and Emissions Performance
  • Evaluation of Biomass Feedstocks in a Traveling Grate Stoker Simulator

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