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Bruce Logan

Research Focus

Research Summary

  • Research interests include the sustainability of water infrastructure; bioenergy production such as biological hydrogen production and microbial fuel cells; environmental transport processes such as molecular scale analysis of bioadhesion, molecular size distributions of organic matter and ultrafiltration, and fractal analysis of particles and coagulation processes; and bioremediation and treatment including perchlorate bioremediation and biological wastewater treatment.

Research Keywords:

Active Research Projects:

  • Great Lakes Fuel Cell Education Center
  • Improving power (electicity) generation in microbial fuel cells
  • Isolation and analysis of novel electochemically active bacteria for enhanced power generation in microbial fuel cells
  • Testing and Evaluation of System Materials for Creating a Scaleable Bioelectrically Assisted Microbial Reactor (BEAMR)
  • Treatability Study of American Eagle Paper Effluent Stream for Use as Feedstock for Microbial Fuel Cell Operation
  • WERF Paul L. Busch Award

Completed Research Projects:

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