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Enrique GomezEnrique Gomez: Improving Solar Cell Efficiency
Penn State’s Enrique Gomez, assistant professor of chemical engineering in the College of Engineering, is making huge strides toward improving organic solar cell efficiency.
Matt HurteauMatt Hurteau: Work and Play and Trees
PSIEE co-hire Matt Hurteau spends more time in trees than the average person. He has a number of exciting research projects with his Earth Systems Ecology Lab in the College of Agricultural Sciences.
Miriam FreedmanMiriam Freedman: Understanding Aerosols’ Influence on Climate Change
Miriam Freedman, assistant professor of chemistry and PSIEE co-hire, recently worked with Ph.D. candidate Daniel Veghte to study the effects of shape on aerosol optical properties as they relate to climate change.
Klaus KellerKlaus Keller: Leading a Penn State-based Sustainability Research Network
Klaus Keller, associate professor of geosciences and PSIEE co-hire, recently worked with colleagues to apply for and succeed in attaining a National Science Foundation Sustainability Research Networks grant.
Li Li in labUnderstanding subsurface complexity for safe, long-term, geological carbon sequestration
Li Li, an assistant professor of energy and mineral engineering at Penn State, is investigating geologic carbon sequestration as a way to store the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide deep in the Earth’s subsurface.
Jenn MacaladyJenn Macalady: "Otherworldly"
In underground caves and equally extreme environments, Jenn Macalady finds analogs for life on other Earths
Brian DempseyWater, Water, Everywhere
There’s water, water everywhere, but Brian Dempsey wants to make sure there’s always a drop to drink.
Lee NewsomLee Newsom’s Cabinet of Wonders
Nestled among the dark pines behind the Lion Shrine is the Carpenter Building, home to the Department of Anthropology, the Matson Museum of Anthropology, and the charmingly chaotic laboratory of eminent paleoethnobotanist Lee Newsom.
Derek ElsworthNo Rock Left Unturned
Twenty-five years may seem like a lifetime, but the time flies by, as they say, when you’re doing something you love. For Derek Elsworth, professor, Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, that includes research and discovering how things work, whether engineered or natural.
Michael HicknerWater, Water Everywhere
As Mike Hickner is quick to tell you, if you drop a sheet of metal into the ocean around Florida and wait a week to pull it up, it’s going to be covered in algae, bacteria, and all other manner of crusty, clinging creatures.
Erica SmithwickErica Smithwick: A Burning Desire to Understand the Effects of Forest Fire on the Landscape
Smithwick is a landscape ecologist who is interested in the effect of pattern on process. She uses fieldwork and computer modeling to determine how disturbances affect landscapes and their functions.
Beth BoyerBoyer Appointed New Water Center Director and Assistant Director of PSIEE
Elizabeth W. Boyer, associate professor of water resources, will serve as the new Director of the Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center and assistant director of the PSIEE.
Sharon MillerSharon Miller: Inspiring Students for Careers in Science
Miller, director of the Office of Student Development (OSD) at the EMS Energy Institute, knows that affording students the opportunity to participate in research can make the difference in helping them discover whether a career in science is right for them.
Angela Lueking Hydrogen fuel cells are the wave of the future. At least that's what Angela Lueking hopes.
Lueking is currently utilizing her interests in science and the environment to further the hydrogen initiative. She is looking to develop a carbon material that will help to solve the problem with fuel cell cars of how to store hydrogen in a practical way.
Photo of Amy Glasmeier Amy Glasmeier testifies on economic development policy
Amy Glasmeier, the E. Willard Miller professor of economic geography and planning, testified before the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on "Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management."
Photo of Andy Nyblade Nyblade leading AfricaArray initiative
Dr. Andrew Nyblade, associate professor of geosciences, is leading an initiative to create more highly trained scientists in Africa.
Photo of K.C. Kim K.C. Kim's efforts to preserve Korea's DMZ
Kim's decade-long campaign to create a system of bioreserves in the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea.
Photo of Bruce LoganLogan honored with Paul L. Busch Award
Dr. Bruce Logan, Kappe professor of environmental engineering, was presented with the fourth annual Paul L. Busch Award.
Photo of Peter Hudson Hudson Perspective Published in Journal Science
Peter Hudson, Willaman Professor of Biology and affiliate of the Penn State Institutes of the Environment (PSIE), and Ottar Bjornstad, professor of entomology and biology, coauthored the perspective “Vole Stranglers and Lemming Cycles” published in the October 31, 2003 issue of Science.
Photo of Dave DeWalle DeWalle Elected AWRA Fellow
David R. DeWalle was elected as a Fellow Member of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) at the Annual Conference held November 3-6, 2003 in San Diego, California.
Photo of Toby Carlson Carlson Unveils Statewide Map of Impervious Surface Areas for Pennsylvania
Toby Carlson, professor of meteorology, recently concluded a two-year mapping project detailing the extent of impervious surface area (ISA) for the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the first state to have mapped ISA available at the state scale.

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