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Photo of the Week - Building-Integrated Wind Energy

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Wind energyPhoto description:

Architecture projects that explore building-integrated wind energy. Top left to right: projects by students Kyle Schillaci, William Bunk. Bottom left to right: projects by students Ryan Orr, Kelly Ryan.
Photo courtesty: Project authors

Research Statement

The project explores ideas for building-integrated wind energy (BIWE) in middle-rise buildings in northwest Pennsylvania. It combines technical, environmental and aesthetic research and design studies by an interdisciplinary team from the Departments of Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Landscape Architecture. The project forms a testing ground for new architectural strategies for a place-based approach of wind turbine implementation in buildings and the urban environment. It combines research on wind behavior around buildings with design investigations of wind-optimized building forms and the aesthetic potential of turbine integration in architecture. Linking exploratory research to the education for sustainable architecture and technology, the first step of this project was an academic architecture studio that developed the projects shown above and a symposium on BIWE with architects, engineers, turbine industry representatives and artists. The project is funded by the Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, the Raymond A. Bowers Program, and PSIEE.

Research Team:
Ute Poerschke (Architecture, PI), Malcolm Woollen (Architecture), Jelena Srebric (Architectural Engineering), Susan Stewart (Architectural Engineering, Aerospace Engineering), Timothy Murtha (Landscape Architecture)

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