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2013 Highlights

Plant pests
Temperature alters population dynamics of common plant pests
Arctic fox
Arctic sea-ice loss has widespread effects on wildlife
Fuel cell polymers
Penn State's EcoCAR 2 team wins six awards at Year One competition
Biologist investigates lasting ecological impacts of Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Marcellus maps
Carbon dioxide stored in Marcellus Shale wells could also boost gas production
Ancient filtering system brings clean water to poor and others
Penn State team wins Department of Energy poster competition
Drought response identified in potential biofuel plant
Marcellus drilling
Shale Network initiative focuses on water quality
Policy issues plague hydropower as wind power backup
Scarlet tanager
Penn State key partner in new breeding bird atlas
Ailanthus tree
Ailanthus tree's status as invasive species offers lesson in human interaction
Researchers to focus on factors affecting forest regeneration
Penn State key partner in new breeding bird atlas
Eco car
Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team wins first place at EcoCAR 2 competition
Study confirms U.S. amphibian populations declining at rapid rate
Mosquito cell
Mosquito behavior may be immune response, not parasite manipulation
Getting to the bottom of the zombie ant phenomenon
cellulose lab research
Changing cellulose-forming process may tap plants' biofuel potential
Maya ruins
Maya Long Count calendar and European calendar linked using carbon-14 dating
Ozone masks plant's volatiles, plant-eating insects confused
Forest fire
Suppression of naturally occurring blazes may increase wildfire risk
Endangered lemurs' complete genomes are sequenced and analyzed for conservation
Microbial Fuel Cell
Award-winning students find sustainable solution for water sanitation
Climate Change Effect on Plant Communities Is Buffered By Large Herbivores, New Research Suggests
Malaria infection risk influenced by daily temperature variations
Ice research
Research on ice: Mapping water beneath the Antarctic ice shelf

2012 Highlights

Polar Bears
Polar Bear Evolution Tracked Climate Change, New DNA Study Suggests
Pittsburgh Center Flooding Project
Penn State partnership aims to reduce flooding in Pittsburgh area
Penn State's EcoCAR 2 team wins six awards at Year One competition
Fungus on ants
'Zombie-ant' fungus is under attack, research reveals
Deep ocean impact of deepwater horizon explosion
New Research Reveals Deep-Ocean Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion
Logan's lab
Unique salt allows energy production to move inland
Tree rings may underestimate climate response to volcanic eruptions
Food security
Food for the Future: A conversation with environmental historian Bryan McDonald
Applying herbicides
Integrated weed management best response to herbicide resistance

2011 Highlights

New technique will lead to more efficient, flexible optical fibers
Biofuel research boosted by discovery of how cyanobacteria make energy
Satellite image
Satellite images of nighttime lights help track disease outbreaks
Humans and Climate Contributed to Extinctions of Large Ice-Age Mammals, New Study Finds
Drilling Russia
Rise of atmospheric oxygen more complicated than previously thought

Sandeep Prabhu
Possible cure for leukemia found by Penn State researchers
Giebrink Research
Solar concentrator increases collection with less loss
Lithium-sulfur battery research receives $5 million from DOE

Marcellus Shale map
Marcellus Shale Research Network to track shale region's water quality
Wind turbines
Offshore wind power project awarded $1.2 million from Department of Energy
fuel cell
'Inexhaustible' source of hydrogen may be unlocked by salt water
Solar cell
Record-breaking Solar Cell Announced by Multinational Research Team
Penn State team wins 4th place at national EcoCAR competition
Polar climate change may lead to ecological change
Climate-change-induced wildfires may alter Yellowstone forests
Penn State leads in Honey Bee Health initiative
Tasmanian Devil
Scientists sequence endangered Tasmanian devil's genome
Salt marsh
Salt marsh sediments help gauge climate-change-induced sea level rise
Tar removal
New process cleanly extracts oil from tar sands and fouled beaches
Solar panels
Green Roof Keeps PV Modules Cooler for More Power
Penn State, Dalian University of Technology celebrate partnerships
Andre Boehman
Video: Andre Boehman discussing new ways to use fossil fuels efficiently
Chao-Yang Wang
Video: Chao-Yang Wang explains research toward more efficient battery power
New center to focus on battery, energy storage technology

2010 Highlights

Biomass storage
Huge challenges in scaling up biofuels infrastructure
Penn State researchers 'whet' teen students' interest in water cycle

Lone Whales Shout to Overcome Noise
Field school
Critical Zone Field School Offers Hands-on Lessons in Soils, Hydrology, Geology, Vegetation
Coral Reef
Discovery of How Coral Reefs Adapt to Global Warming Could Aid Reef Restoration
Field course
Hydrogeophysics Field Course Gives Students Hands-on Lesson in Surface Water Contamination
Natural Fusion
Penn State solar-powered home gets new life at Bayer MaterialScience
Students make final preparations for EcoCAR contest
Roots in wastewater
Roots meshed in waste materials could clean dirty water

Class on invasive plants
Invasive Plants Threaten PA Biodiversity, Shaver’s Creek Responds
H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens dedicated at The Arboretum at Penn State
Mayan plumbing
Maya plumbing, first pressurized water feature found in New World

Seed Dispersal
Scientists Develop New Method for Tracking Seed Dispersal and Establishment
Electricity transmission lines
Initiative to study Pennsylvania electricity markets and economics
Polar Bears
DNA from rare polar bear fossil sheds light on species' history

Rachel Brennan
Crustacean Cleanup: Crab shell chitin shows promise in remediating acid mine drainage
Coral Indian Ocean
Diversity of Corals, Algae in Warm Indian Ocean Suggests Resilience to Future Global Warming
African genome
Southern African Genomes Sequenced: Benefits for Human Health Expected

2009 Highlights

Switchgrass bales
Researcher studying ways to handle huge quantities of biomass
K/T Extinction
Probing Question: Why did mammals survive the K/T extinction
Mammoth Achievement
Mammoth Achievement
Global Warming Cycles Threaten Endangered Primates
Monitoring Ozone for Air Quality Standards
Car exhaust
New technology for ultra-clean transportation fuels
Melting permafrost
Melting permafrost impacts on Arctic Ecosystems
Global Warming Causes Outbreak of Rare Algae Associated with Corals
Arctic hare
Dramatic Biological Responses to Global Warming in the Arctic
Garden Pittsburgh
Video features Penn State efforts to 'green up' Pittsburgh
Rob Brooks
"Out of the Bog" - Penn State Outreach Magazine feature
Bruce Logan KUAST Investigator
KAUST Investigator - A conversation with Bruce Logan
Master Well Owner Network
Statewide study of well owners reveals good news, bad news
Wind turbine
Conference Highlights: Challenges and Opportunities in Wind Energy
AfricaArray field work
African initiative trains students, explores geophysical mysteries
Logan in lab
Stainless steel replaces platinum to produce hydrogen

2008 Highlights

Chesapeake Bay
Sea level rise alters bay's salinity
Underwater Eden Underwater Eden: Dispatches from Northeast Brazil Frog
Global warming link to amphibian declines in doubt
Antarctic image
Origin of Alps-size Antarctic mountain range unknown
Jonathan Mathews
Back to the Future: Penn State researchers ar looking hard at cleaner technologies for coal
Chestnut seedling
Blight-resistant American chestnut trees nearing reality
Researchers in Mexico
AVGWLF Goes International
Environmental engineer
Environmental engineers tackle the problem of water reuse in Centre County and around the world
acid mine drainage
Mimicking Nature: Nature inspires passive treatment technology for high-flow acidic mine drainage discharges
Riparian zone with cows
Protecting a Local Treasure: Best Management Practices on a Watershed Scale:
Analysis of Best Management Practices in the Spring Creek Watershed
Caribou with calf
Global Warming Linked to Caribou-Calf Mortality
Coral Reef Research
Eight-Day Undersea Mission Begins Experiment to Improve Coral Reef Restoration
Sea Grant researcher
Pennsylvania Sea Grant Helps State Develop Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan
Alaska bay
Physical Oceanography, Biology, and Changing Climate
Glacier Bay National Park – a Living Laboratory
Ellen Currano collecting fossil leaves
Ancient leaves point to climate change effects on insects
Gypsy moths
Gypsy Moth Management Made More Efficient, Cost-Effective

2007 Highlights

Aerobiologist Uses Computational Models and Web-Based Information Platform to Predict Spread of Agricultural Pathogens
Liming machine
Evalutating the effects of large-scale forest liming on forest reneration and water quality
Aerial liming
Aerial liming project completed in Quehanna Wild Area
digital rendering
Penn State reseachers to collaborate on a web-based attraction focused on the 400th anniversary of John Smith's "Voyages of Exploration"

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